OPI Process

Step 1


The first step in our process is to get to know you, and to help organize your thoughts on what your specific financial goals are. We will take inventory of your current financial situation by organizing your existing accounts and walking you through our budget worksheet so we can build a cash-flow statement and net-worth statement as part of our planning process. These two documents are the foundation of a financial plan.

Step 2


During the planning phase, we develop a custom financial plan to meet your specific needs. We present the plan to you, solicit your feedback and identify the steps necessary to put the plan in place.

Step 3


Once we’ve agreed upon your financial plan and the steps necessary to implement it, we transfer assets and execute your custom asset allocation. Now you’re up and running!

Ongoing, we continuously monitor your savings, investments and progress toward your goals. We also re-evaluate your financial plan on a regular basis to help ensure it continues to meet your needs as your life and goals evolve over time. We provide updates, statements and meetings at a frequency that works for you.