The Everyday MillionaireTM

With more than 20 years of experience helping clients, we have noticed that our most successful clients share similar traits and habits. This observation has led us to study these successful clients and to trademark the term, “The Everyday Millionaire™.”

Successful clients come from all walks of life and all income levels, but their most common attribute is their desire to be financially successful and their willingness to sacrifice for this success. The Everyday Millionaire™ deliberately lives below his or her means to save and invest for the future. The Everyday Millionaire™ typically has modest homes and cars, uses debt with caution, foregoes fancy vacations for quality time spent with loved ones closer to home, and values time over things. However, these individuals also have the benefit of arriving at financial independence at a much younger age than people who live paycheck to paycheck.

Through hard work, dedication and deliberate financial planning, we help each client build wealth and become “The Everyday Millionaire™.”

Explorers (Age 20-35)

During this stage, clients are thinking about the process of saving for the future. Many in this group witnessed their parents struggling with finances during...

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Producers (Age 35-55)

At this stage of life, clients are well on their way to becoming The Everyday Millionaire™. Their mantra is, “Save, save, save.” They focus on...

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Refiners (Age 50-75)

Refiners are those who have achieved The Everyday Millionaire™ status by living below their means and saving as much as possible in employer-sponsored retirement plans,...

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