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Tax Planning

Tax planning is one of the most frequently overlooked steps in the financial planning process.

We believe that it is impossible to give prudent advice without a through understanding of a client's tax situation.  It is our mission to ensure that our clients have a comprehensive knowledge of the possible ramifications of any decisions that may affect their tax liability, and to ensure their assets are titled and managed in a way to minimize their tax burden.

After an extensive tax planning review, we will guide you in your decisions regarding:

  • How to properly title property

  • How to properly withdraw funds to minimize taxes

  • How to utilize potential deductions to lower your tax burden

  • How to utilize IRAs and Roth IRAs

  • What to do with non-deductible contributions inside your IRA

  • How to utilize tax-saving Estate Planning strategies

Improper tax planning can cost your family thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It is vital to understand the possible ramifications of financial decisions before they are made, as they cannot always be unwound.  If you have questions regarding a financial decision that may  have affected your tax liability, you'll want to consult with us and your other professional advisors to implement strategies to minimize liability.

ArchAngel Financial, and Centaurus Financial, Inc., do not offer tax advice.  You should discuss your particular tax   situation with a tax licensed professional of your choice.