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Financial Planning Process

Step One: Getting to Know Each Other

We offer a complimentary initial introductory appointment.  This provides both of us with the opportunity to get to know each other and for you to present an overview of your financial framework, concerns, and expectations.  We will review your current plan, complete a thorough risk analysis, needs analysis, estate profile and goals questionnaire to use as our reference source as we prepare step two.  Most importantly, we will mutually determine whether you and ArchAngel will be a good fit for one another, and move on to step two.

Step Two: Strategy Development and Recommendations:

During step two we will illustrate some of the specific strategies we recommend that you institute.  This appointment serves as a cursory view of our recommendations to upgrade your current plan by working hand in hand with us to achieve your goals.  We will discuss these recommendations and develop a strategy together, aligning your needs, goals, and risk tolerance with the best investment strategy and products for your specific situation.

Step Three: Strategy Implementation

In step three, we will move into the strategy implementation aspect of our comprehensive wealth management platform.

Our comprehensive wealth management platform provides you with a transparent approach to holistic financial planning and integrated investment management.  It is a complex and disciplined process that includes the following steps:

  • A deep understanding and recommendations based upon your long term goals

  • Collaborative Advisor/Client relationship based upon a thorough assessment of your current financial situation

  • Comprehensive investment and financial strategies to meet your goals

  • Individually tailored portfolio construction based upon your risk tolerance

  • Access to proprietary research and recommendations

  • Implementation of the strategies agreed upon

  • Close monitoring and performance evaluation on a regular and ongoing basis

Step Four: Comprehensive Financial Plan

In addition to the wealth management portion of your financial plan, we will provide assistance with all other aspects of your financial personality, including:

  • Budgeting and Debt Management

  • Comprehensive Insurance Audit and Planning

  • Education Planning

  • 401(k) Investment Portfolio analysis

  • Income Phase Projection

  • Income Tax Planning

  • Real Estate holdings and income analysis

  • Professional and personal liability assessment

  • Estate tax liability analysis

  • Estate Planning and multi-generational asset transfer strategies

  • Integration of your plan with your other professional advisers

Step Five: Objective Tracking and Relationship Building

Because the environment of finance is constantly shifting, we will continuously monitor and review your portfolio to ensure that your investments are on track with your objectives. We will also meet with you frequently to discuss any changes, whether personal or financial, that affect your situation. 

Throughout the year we offer many educational opportunities in which we bring in experts from several of the largest insurance, investment, and real estate companies in the country to discuss the economy and financial markets.  We also hold entertaining events one to two times per year, where our goal is to show our clients how much we appreciate their confidence in our firm and to further develop our personal relationship.